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You will not reduce your health care cost until your employees eat a much better diet!!



" If you or someone you care about has a health challenge and you find a way to reverse that condiiton with better nutrition, wouldn't you want to change the way you eat? Most chonic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers can be reversed with scientifically proven nutrition programs. "


Time Magazine (June 22,2009)  “ There is an overwhelmingly strong database of studies suggesting that the quality of calories we eat has a huge impact on our well-being and our risk of chronic disease and longevity.” Dr. David Ludwig, Children’s Hospital Boston. ( Food as Pharma by Alice Park, page 82).

Time Magazine ( August 31,2009) “ The way we farm now is destructive of the soil, the environment and us” Doug Gurian, Senior Scientist, Food and Environment Program, Union of Concerned Scientists.”( America’s Food and How to Fix It” by Bryan Walsh, page 31).

“Once you factor in crop subsidies, ecological  damage and what we pay in health bills after our fatty, sugary diet makes us sick, conventionally produced food looks a lot pricier”

Discover Magazine ( Summer 2009)  “ When you put animal, metabolic and epidemiological studies together….they all point in the same direction…

  • Dairy products are not the best way to get calcium.
  • Eating a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and vegetable oils, as well as optional portions of chicken and fish (not red meat), reduces the risk of heart disease ( and cancer).
  • The U.S.D.A Food Pyramid is filled with misinformation which contributes to overweight, poor health and unnecessary early deaths.” Dr. Walter Willett, Chairman, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. ( The New Way to Eat by Brad Lemley, page 33 ),

No medicine is as effective for treating diabetes as exercising and following a healthy diet. An NIH study gave some participants ( pre-diabetic ) metformin  while the other group was coached on diet and exercise. The metformin group reduced their risk by 31% and the diet and exercise group reduced their risk by 58%. (Sugar Shock by David Ewing Duncan, page 55).

There is only one wellness company in Florida that teaches employees how to use the science behind these articles and that is Healthy at Work, Inc. Sarasota, Florida.


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