• "This is by far the BEST workshop I have ever attended, better than one I went to by Dr Andrew Weil."
  • "This workshop will change my life forever !"
  • "It is no exaggeration to say that many of the listeners were just enraptured by Dr. Bens"
  • "Dr. Bens is one of those rare presenters who combines an easy, unassuming style with a depth of knowledge and practical information delivered with an inspiring effect."
  • "I felt like I learned five years worth of knowledge in two hours. You really had a profound influence on everyone at the meeting."
  • "Dr. Bens will be the featured speaker as a "teaser" to what's to come at the symposium. I hope you will all be there to hear him. His enthusiasm for wellness is contagious and his knowledge is mind-boggling".


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